Your Next Selfie Could tell you when you will die


Can a selfie reveal when you will die? New technology claims that analyzing a selfie can predict your life expectancy. Grab your camera selfie stick and try it out yourself!

Selfies are being taken every day, by everyone, and everywhere. They are a way to share with friends and document our daily lives. But now they might be considered a way of evaluating our life expectancy? Sounds crazy, but software developers from the University of Illinois at Chicago are claiming it really is

How long will she live?


Face My Age is a new website that allows you to upload a selfie and from it produces life expectancy results. How exactly does it work? The site’s program analyzes your selfie by looking at all sorts of

features- from wrinkles and crow’s feet to forehead lines to the size of your nose and other features. In addition, you are asked to answer some lifestyle questions such as drug habits, sun exposure, smoking habits, and marital status.

As a result, Face My age uses your responses and selfie to estimate your expected life span and remaining days on earth. This selfie tool will be used by most as a fun way of using a death predictor and of course as a change to take an extra selfie. But, the selfie submissions will also serve for Face My Age creators S. Jay Olshansky and Karl Ricanek Jr. to gather data on the connection between face age and mortality risk.

Grab your selfie stick and start snapping selfies!  Your camera monopod can help you figure out how long you will live, or at the very least you will have loads of fun playing around with your selfie camera stick!

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