Selfie stick photography – How to take a great selfies Selfie Stick girl

The most obvious use of a selfie stick is to take a photo of yourself or a group of friends. The photo is made more interesting by using a selfie stick as it allows you to change the angle from which you are taking the photo. The selfie stick also increases the distance from the camera.

It would appear that most people are getting taking a selfie all wrong.  Most selfie pictures include the selfie stick in the photo. Here are our tips to take the best selfies:

  1. Avoid getting the selfie stick in the picture.
  2. Get some friends into the picture; life is all about memories made with friends and family.
  3. Think about what background you want, the best selfies have something interesting behind the subject.
  4. Show off something new in your selfie picture, for example a new hairstyle or item of clothing
  5. Capture your best angle, by turning your head a few degrees to the right or left, your features will appear less flat in the photo.
  6. Ladies, enhance one of your features, for example wear lots of mascara or a bright lipstick and keep the rest natural.
  7. Good photo’s are the result of good lighting. Selfie are no exception to this rule. Light in the early morning or late afternoon is most suitable for selfies.

Try to master using the phones rear camera, the rear cameras has a higher resolution. (This is more difficult as you cannot see the image while taking the photo) There are a few newer model selfie sticks that have mirrors on them which allow you to use the HD camera.

South Africa has a stunning landscape, get out there and use that selfie stick to capture some of it.


Here are a few tips from Vodacom’s web page: