Selfie stick gaining Popularity, despite bans

 The selfie stick is turning into a popular new tech trend for 2015, with the European summer travel season approaching popularity is sure to increase.

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Already tourists have noticed more people carrying the stick device in cities such as Venice and Paris. Some tourists have applauded how practical they are while others have had more negative reactions towards them.
The Selfie stick is a mono-pod used to take selfie photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm. It’s quite simple; with the handle on one end and an adjustable clamp holding the phone on the other end, the clamp keeps the phone in place making sure it doesn’t drop.The Selfie stick is light weight making it easy to carry around and are compatible with smartphones such as  iOS 5.0 and Android 4.2.2.
Unfortunately, the number of locations and venues where you will be able to use the Selfie stick internationally seems to be shortening due to safety restrictions and inconvenience of visitors. Visitors will have to check first with venues before bringing along their Selfie stick.
The Selfie stick has been banned from some museums due to concerns about possible damage to art works. As well as some music festivals have banned them, most notably the Coachella music festival in Southern California. Despite the bans popularity for the device just keeps increasing. On your next trip with a large group of friends wouldn’t it be great to take a large group shot getting all your friends into one photograph. Your arms can only reach so far. The stick is great for epic hiking shots or for a stroll on a quiet beach.
Companies such as Nixon have jumped on the bandwagon. Known for their watches and accessory lines, Nixon have created there own Selfie stick called the N-MP001. The stick has been specifically designed to work with the company’s latest Coolpix pint and shoots. Carrying camera’s weighing up to 14 ounces.
If you want to join the Selfie stick revolution you can grab Selfie sticks on


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