Latest trend, adding moulded logo’s to selfie sticks

Selfie stick icon6

We attended the recent Electronics shows held in Hong Kong during April 2015.   At these shows we noticed a few new selfie stick models as well as new branding ideas.  One of the latest trends is the addition of moulded logo’s onto the handle of the selfie sticks.   This makes perfect sense, your logo can now be incorporated right into the selfie stick design.   Any brand that considers itself an integral part of youth culture today should consider this awesome new idea.  Marketers are always looking for ways to have their brand associated with fun and good times.

We assume this new branding idea originated up after a number of Chinese companies began selling counterfeit cartoon characters incorporated into selfie sticks as can be seen below.

Sponge bob selfie stick     Minnie selfie stick   Chanel selfie stick


Savvy marketers quickly jumped on board and added their brand to these sticks.  Check out the Mcdonalds and Monster examples below.


Monster selfie stick    Macdonalds selfie sticks


We can now offer this form of branding to our clients too from only 200 units.  It takes around 4 weeks to produce and a once off mould charge will be applicable.  The mould charge is quite reasonable due to this being a soft PVC moulding process.   We have extensive experience in this moulding process as we have produced hundreds of custom moulded USB flash drives as well as custom moulded power banks.

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