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The evolution of the selfie stick

Evolution of the selfie stick This picture tells a thousand words.  It clearly shows the evolution of the selfie stick.   Chinese factories are releasing new selfie stick  models almost on a weekly basis. The trend is clearly towards smaller more compact models that can be stored in a handbag or carried around in your […]

To selfie stick, or not to selfie stick?

Vanessa MIller, The Gazette JULY 12, 2015 | 4:37 PM It can be really challenging to squeeze your entire posse into the self-portrait you’re trying to snap with just an arm’s length between you and your camera or smartphone. Hence the selfie stick — a revolutionary monopod that has transformed the self-portrait scene over the […]

Your Next Selfie Could tell you when you will die

From http://www.selfiecamerastick.com/blog/ Can a selfie reveal when you will die? New technology claims that analyzing a selfie can predict your life expectancy. Grab your camera selfie stick and try it out yourself! Selfies are being taken every day, by everyone, and everywhere. They are a way to share with friends and document our daily lives. But […]

Places that have banned selfie sticks

Places that have banned selfie sticks  ‘Selfie sticks’ have now been banned at a French palace and a British museum, joining a growing list of global tourist attractions to take such measures. The devices are used to improve snapshots, but critics say they are obnoxious and potentially dangerous. Officials at Palace of Versailles outside Paris, […]

Selfie stick gaining Popularity, despite bans

Selfie stick gaining Popularity, despite bans  The selfie stick is turning into a popular new tech trend for 2015, with the European summer travel season approaching popularity is sure to increase. Already tourists have noticed more people carrying the stick device in cities such as Venice and Paris. Some tourists have applauded how practical they […]

Selfie sticks are even in time magazine

This Is the Best Selfie Stick for Your Smartphone How we picked & tested Structurally, selfie sticks are basic accessories, comprised of two to three main parts. First, there’s the pole itself, which usually collapses for ease of packing and travel and extends to let you take pictures of yourself from farther away. At the […]

Disney World bans selfie sticks

26 June 2015 – Disney World will ban selfie-sticks from its theme parks By Dewayne Bevil    Disney will no longer allow the use of selfie-sticks in its parks. Walt Disney World is banning selfie-sticks from its theme parks, citing safety concerns, a company spokeswoman said Friday morning. Under a new policy, which takes effect […]

In defense of the selfie stick

In Defense of the Selfie Stick Posted on 22 Jan 2015 by Miguel de Icaza From the sophisticated opinion of the trendsetters to Forbes, the Selfie Stick is the recipient of scorn and ridicule. One of the popular arguments against the Selfie Stick is that you should build the courage to ask a stranger to […]

Selfie stick article from Vogue magazine

The #SelfieStick May Be the Most Shameless Fashion Accessory Ever  JULY 21, 2014 12:40 PM by LIANA SATENSTEIN Do you remember the most mortifying moment of your life? Mine was today. I took a selfie. And no, I wasn’t simply snapping a “duck face” quickie with my iPhone. I was using a “selfie stick,” a claw-like, expanding […]