Barack Obama using a selfie stick

If Barack Obama can take selfies using a selfie stick so can you.

The president of the US recently used a video to promote healthcare in the US.   In a Buzzfeed video titled “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About” and posted on the outlet’s Facebook page on Thursday, President Barack Obama checks himself out in a mirror, makes silly faces, tries on a pair of sunglasses and snaps photos of himself…using a selfie stick.  The satirical clip was filmed to promote the U.S. leader’s Affordable Care Act before its annual open enrollment period ended on Feb 2015.

Obama selfie stick 3 Obama selfie stick 3

Perhaps Jacob Zuma will show South Africa how it’s done?

Selfie sticks really can be amazing fun

Give a youngster a selfie stick and the results will always be adorable.    It may be a good idea to let them play on the grass or carpeting just in case they drop it.

Selfie stick child

Amazing results when children play with selfie sticks


Flying high in the sky with a selfie stick and a Go Pro camera, this is an awesome selfie shot.

Selfie sticks and snowboarding

Flying high with my selfie stick and GoPro


This photo shows the advantage of using a selfie stick, the angle is amazing.

Cliff selfie sticks

Getting some perspective using a selfie stick


The only other way to get this shot would be to skydive next to the balloon.  Yet again the use of the selfie stick had enhanced this photo to a massive degree.   Love them or hate them they are really useful to create that extra special photo.


Balloon selfie sticks

You couldn’t do this without a selfie stick


A selfie stick and your pet, now there’s a recipe for a lot of fun.   Just a bit of imagination and the world will be your oyster.

Selfie with my dog slfie sticks

Finally you can get that perfect selfie with your pet


South Africa get creative!  Use those selfie sticks to capture some of our stunning landscape.


Wedding selfie sticks – Put a selfie stick on each table

Wedding selfie sticks

South Africans love to take pictures at weddings.  Add huge excitement to your wedding by placing a selfie stick on each table.  You could attach a little note to the selfie sticks asking your guests to please email their lovely selfie photos to you.  Alternately you could use Instagram, create that custom hash tag and people can upload.  What a great way to to receive or view hundreds of fun pictures of your guests at your wedding. There may be one problem with this, who gets to keep the selfie sticks at the end of the night?

Selfie sticks wed

If only someone give us a selfie stick as a gift!

Selfie sticks bride