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What are Selfie sticks?

Selfie sticks may be relatively new to South Africa yet they are extremely popular the world over.  A simple way to describe them is that they are mono pods that are held in your hand and extended so that you can take photos of yourself or a group of friends from a distance.  Photos are thus taken from further than what your arm can extend or from a height or from below.  These angles give the pictures an interesting perspective.  Selfie sticks allow you to take photos from many interesting angles.

At the end of the selfie stick there is an adjustable clamp that can be attached to your cell phone. There is also a regular screw that can screw directly into most cameras and Go Pros.  This is a standard camera mount you would find on any camera tripod.

Take a look through some of our blog posts to see some of the amazing photo’s that have been taken using Selfie Sticks.  These photos simply would not be possible without the use or aid of selfie sticks.  We have seen some amazing ideas using selfie sticks such as placing one on each table at a wedding then asking your guests to take selfies.  The ideas and amount of fun you can have with selfie sticks are endless.   South Africa, get your selfie sticks today and let the fun begin!

Selfie Stick camera mount

Selfie sticks are now available is a great number of designs but because the selfie stick is relatively new in South Africa we have limited our stock offering to three models. We can  however import any designs for our customers from only 200 units.  Visit our blog page to see a lot of unique ideas and new models that are fast becoming available.

The three main types of Selfie Sticks

Selfie logo

Selfie sticks can be categorised into three main types.  

  1. Selfie stick with cable
  2. Selfie stick with built in Bluetooth button
  3. Selfie sticks with external Bluetooth button

Selfie stick icon

1. Selfie stick with cable

A selfie stick with a cable typically has a short cable that attaches to your mobile phone using a standard 3.5mm audio jack.  The other end of the cable is attached to a button on the inside of the selfie stick handle.

Selfie stick cable

Selfie stick cable

2. Selfie stick with built in Bluetooth button

Some selfie sticks have Bluetooth built into the unit itself. This is normally situated in the handle of the selfi stick.

Selfi stick

3. Selfie sticks with external Bluetooth button.

Some selfie sticks have an external button that can be pressed to deploy your phone shutter.  These shutter release buttons are sold with selfie stick poles that do no have any buttons in the handle of the stick itself.

Selfi Stick

   Selfi Stick

Selfie stick remote shutter

Selfie stick remote shutter

New variations

There are many variations of the above models that are being released almost daily.  Some examples of these variations include folding handle models for ease of storage.  The compact design makes it easier to keep the selfie stick in your trouser pocket or handbag.

Selfie stick foldable

Folding Selfie Stick

Now that selfie sticks seem to have gone main stream, certain manufacturers are making much higher quality models that are built to last.   Here is an example of a durable model that has a thicker aluminium pole section.

Selfie pole

Aluminium selfie stick

Please note we do not keep all these models in stock. click here to see the models we have.

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